Metro Sponsor News – First Quarter 2024

Welcome to the first Sponsor News of the Year.

Thank you to many of you who recently blessed your child with Christmas and school gifts. One of the best parts of working at Metro Kids Africa is seeing the children’s faces when a gift is delivered from a sponsor. Receiving new clothing when you don’t have many clothes is special and always brings a smile to a child’s face.

Sponsor News July 2023

Sponsor News

Welcome to all the new sponsors that have joined us in 2023! Here is a short newsletter which is specifically about anything to do with the child sponsorship at Metro Kids Africa. I hope you enjoy reading it!

Christmas is just around the corner

Kinderpatenschaft Geschenke

Christmas is coming soon and here at MKA we are preparing for the Christmas season. We all love to receive gifts and many of the children we work with sadly live in circumstances where gift giving at Christmas time is not possible. For many, the only gift they will receive is one from their sponsor, […]

Sponsor a Child – Sending letters

Briefe schreiben Kinderpatenschaft

Your child LOVES to receive letters from you. Whenever staff deliver a letter the reaction is always a big smile! I am amazed at how many children have your letters on full display in their home. Some children like to show their friends and also enjoy taking their letters to school to show their teacher. […]

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