Sponsor a Child – Sending letters

Your child LOVES to receive letters from you. Whenever staff deliver a letter the reaction is always a big smile! I am amazed at how many children have your letters on full display in their home. Some children like to show their friends and also enjoy taking their letters to school to show their teacher. Writing a letter to a child can be a daunting task. Words do not come easy to everyone so I thought I would give you some helpful ideas of what to write about. Here below are some ideas. I would recommend only doing a few of these in a singular letter, not all of them at once.

Keep it short.
Your child’s first language is not English which means long letters are difficult to read.
Give a short story from your life.
Write about something you have recently done. Eg a holiday or a birthday celebration, write about a pet or your family.
Ask 1 or 2 questions.
Questions about school or your child’s family are good. Eg what is your favourite subject at school? Or what do you enjoy doing with your brother or sister?
Write a short Bible verse.
Children have good memories and your child loves to learn a short Bible verse
Add a simple craft or colouring picture.
There are lots of activities on the internet which you can email to me for your child to do. This is very popular with children.
Send a photo.
Children love to see a photo of their sponsor and their sponsors family.

Briefe schreiben Kinderpatenschaft

You don’t sponsor a child of Metro Kids Africa yet? But you would like to learn more about our child sponsorship program? Click on the link below and you will receive more information about our sponsorship program.

The Best Way to Communicate With Your Child

Briefe an dein Patenkind
Email [email protected] your letter, activity and photos. Post is slow and unreliable therefore email is a much more reliable way to communicate with your child. Email is also much easier for you. Your email address is always removed when we print out the letter for your child to ensure your privacy. It is never too late to start writing. Even if you have been a sponsor for years and you haven’t written for a while your child will be happy and excited to receive a letter. Thank you for making a positive difference in your child’s life. Janet and all at MKA
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