Sponsor a child in Africa

Do you want to become a part of a child’s life and make a difference?


The child sponsorship is a vital part of Metro Kids Africa. The children chosen to be a part of the sponsorship programme are children that are consistent, faithful attendees of Metro Kids Africa programmes. The children chosen all live in impoverished areas and extra support from a sponsor can make a huge difference in their lives. 

How our child sponsorship programme works

decide to sponsor a child

Decide to sponsor a child in Africa

You can choose a child in Uganda or South Africa. It costs £25, R250 or $30 a month. This donation goes to help  the programmes your child attends and in Uganda pays for your child’s school fees.  Your sponsored child will also receive regular visits from a mentor and a food parcel for the whole family.

writing letters, correspondence


We encourage you to have regular written contact with your sponsored child. You can also give additional gifts for birthdays, Christmas and other occasions if you wish.

Metro Kids Africa, as a mediator, takes care of all correspondence and protects both child and sponsor from impropriety.

become a part of your childs life

Become a part of your child’s life

As the sponsor you are invited to become a part of your child’s life; encouraging them, believing in them, showing your child someone cares as well as listening and taking an interest in how their life is going. You can write to your child as often as you wish and your child will reply.

The child sponsorship programme changes and influences the life of your child and his whole family. Try it and you will see how it changes your whole life too!


As a sponsor, you will make a big difference in the life of an African child! The children in the child sponsorship programme all live in South Africa or Uganda. Life there is tough. South Africa has one of the highest gun homicide rates in the world. Many children grow up without a father and face crime, gangs, HIV, sexual abuse and rape on a daily basis. Childhood innocence simply does not happen in the disadvantaged areas of South Africa.

Still not sure?

If you are still unsure and would like to learn more about our Child Sponsorship Programme, click the link below.
Kinderpatenschaft Treffen

What people say about their sponsor child

Metro Kids Africa has become a big part of my life. I’ve been lucky to be a sponsor/pen pal to Simamkele for 5 years. Watching him progress and grow has been such an amazing and heartwarming experience. He’s a great little boy who I love very much. I can’t imagine not having MKA in my life.
Sponsoring Solima is a something I hold dear to my heart. It not only allows me to monetarily provide her and her family with things they need, but it has also cultivated a friendship between Solima and me."
“The exchange with my penpals means a lot to me. I am happy that the children entrust me with their problems and that I can cheer them up with God's words and give them courage. It gives me great joy to see that I can shape and change the lives of the children with a moderate effort. Thanks to all the leaders and people who make this possible! “
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