Metro Sponsor News – First Quarter 2024

Hi all

Welcome to the first Sponsor News of the Year.  

Thank you to many of you who recently blessed your child with Christmas and school gifts. One of the best parts of working at Metro Kids Africa is seeing the children’s faces when a gift is delivered from a sponsor. Receiving new clothing when you don’t have many clothes is special and always brings a smile to a child’s face.

The new academic year has started in Uganda and South Africa and children get very anxious at this time. Schools ask for smart uniforms as well as school books, a school bag and stationery and many families cannot afford this. Thankfully, many of you contributed to your child’s needs and I have seen many letters like the ones in this newsletter saying how thankful the child is for a new schoolbag or new school shoes.

At the beginning of the year, a staff member had a child come to her home asking for a school bag as she didn’t have one and her family could not afford to buy one. Children get very embarrassed arriving at school with a plastic bag instead of a backpack.

Sadly, we cannot help every child we know, but we are grateful to you for the support you give to your sponsored child. You do make a difference!

Thank you.


If anyone wants to give a gift to their child all you need do is give extra to your normal way of donating and send an email to [email protected]

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