Grateful thanks from Metro Kids Africa

Dear Friend,

I would like to take this time to thank you for the great heart God has given you. This really means a Lot.I was really surprised when my leaders came to ask me. I have never received a food parcel before. The food parcel came at the right time because my mother just bought a new roof, the one we had the rain did a lot of damage. The food will last at least a month and my mother won’t stress about what will the next meal be.


Dearest people who have done a change in a young persons life. I anticipated that it would be better that I write a letter to you to say thank your the food parcel. During this winter I’ve been struggling hereat home. The rain has done a lot of damage at my house. Everything was wet, my clothes were wet, even our ceiling was wet. I am really thankful for the food parcel, it has me and my family. My mum was struggling to make sure she fixed us a hot plate. It has been a struggle but I hold on. Jesus has made a miracle. May God bless you with many years to live, keep on changing lives. I will sing forever his love. I was lost in darkness and he pulled me out. God bless you.


I would like to thank you for the food parcel you gave me. I am so grateful for what you have donor me and my family. My home was flooded with water. My family and I we did manage to get the water out of our house after the rain had stopped. Thank you very much for your kindness to me and my family. You really helped us , you have put a big smile on me and my family. Thank you again for your generosity, the food parcel will really help us.

I pray that God will continue to bless you always.


My family and I would love to thank you so much for the wonderful food parcel that you have given us. We are so thankful to you. The food will make a huge difference in our lives. More especially now that we are suffering difficult time of having floods. Our home has been flooded with water but we managed to take the water out of the house using buckets. 

I wish the world could be blessed with more wonderful people who are like you.

Thank you so much to my wonderful friend.

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