Dear friend,
At this time of international turmoil, we wanted to let you, our friends and partners, know what is happening with Metro Kids Africa. 
James and I have had to cancel trips to South Africa and Uganda as both countries have made the wise decision of stopping many nationalities, including British citizens, from entering the country. We have very good staff in both countries who we continue to communicate with via the various internet options available. 
Africa as a continent will struggle if the virus takes hold since many people live in cramped conditions, share communal bathrooms and  already have compromised health. The governments are acting to contain the coronavirus and avoid thousands of deaths. 
In South Africa and Uganda, all schools have closed and social gatherings have had to stop. 
This means the Metro Kids Africa children’s programmes are on hold until further notice. 
Our first aim is to ensure the safety of children and our staff and so we are looking at ways to do this in this difficult time. With schools closed, children are more vulnerable to abuse, violence and hunger. We are increasing our home visits by our staff to check in with the children we work with and see how we can intervene when necessary. We aim to continue and increase the amount of food parcels, plus hygiene items, we deliver each week as children will not be receiving their school meal. 
We aim to continue with all staff salaries as they seek to support their local communities in this difficult time and ask that you, our partners, continue with your donations as far as possible to help us do that. 
As each one of us struggles with these unprecedented times we pray for peace, health and provision for us all. Please pray for the children for their protection from violence. 
With love
James, Janet and all at Metro Kids Africa