Programmes still limited


Our Metro Kids Africa team has suffered badly, like so many, because of Covid 19. As for everyone, things have changed a lot, but they are still doing all they can to share the love of Jesus in word and deed.

In Uganda the country is still in lockdown.The officaial figures say there have been 1,500 cases and 13 deaths. We are grateful to God for these small numbers but people are still struggling with food costs rising rapidly and most of the economy shut and struggling. Schools are still closed but we hope that they will open again soon and with it, the Metro Kids Africa programmes. The team have sought to keep themselves busy and have done what they can during this time.

In South Africa the team have been able to give out approximately  500 food parcels to date, to families in need, thanks to the generosity of our supporters. Also money that would been spent on other programmes has been diverted to help that families we serve at this crital time. The team has also worked hard to get sponsorship updates done, which all takes a lot longer in the present conditions. Thank you again for the support that has made this possible. For some families the food delivered has been absolutely vital and family members have lost jobs, children miss out on food at school and families are going hungry.

Please continue to pray for the families we serve as we seek to share the love of Jesus with them in action as well as with words. We want them to find hope in the time of uncertainty and fear for so many around the world.