Metro News Christmas 2020

Helping children create a better future

Dear Friend .

As the Christmas season approaches, we would like to thank you for giving love to the children in South Africa and Uganda. You, our supporters, have been amazing this year and given more than ever to those in need.

What a year this has been!! I think all of us will agree we look forward to a new year and pray it will be less challenging than this one!!

David delivering food to children in Uganda.

It has been a year when we all have had to change much of the way we live. We have had to drastically reduce our circle of friends and family to a few and rely on technology to keep in contact with most of our work colleagues, family and friends.

Businesses have been affected worldwide as countries were locked down to try to stop the spread of the virus. Millions of people have seen their work effected and poverty has increased. 

For the first time in 16 years, James and I have not been in Africa this year. Like everyone who travels for their work, this part of our lives has had to stop for now. We have had to rely on various technology methods to keep in touch with our staff. Whilst we are very thankful for this method of communication, we miss being in Africa and seeing the children and teenagers we work with and our valuable staff teams. 

We have been so thankful for the many donations we have had to help MKA generally and for children to receive food. The poverty has increased greatly this year as many families have lost their income due to the lockdowns. Employment came from opportunities in restaurants, markets and tourist attractions, which came to an abrupt halt, leaving families with no income. 

I have received hundreds of letters from children thanking their donor for their food gift. Many say there was no food in the house until the MKA team arrived with a grocery pack. The reason the child gives is typically  “My mother/father/granny  lost her/his job and now we have no food”

Liyema is one such child. She is a sweet little girl of 4 years of age. She lives with her mother and occasionally her father stays at the home. However, both parents are alcoholics and when Liyema’s parents are drunk they argue loudly and her father becomes aggressive. Liyema is scared when this happens. The parents relationship is very volatile and the father comes and goes in the mother and Liyema’s life. Liyema often goes hungry. Her mother receives the small government grant to help her look after her child, but often she spends this on alcohol and there is no money left for food. Liyema gets desperately hungry and goes from house to house in the community asking people for something to eat. Liyema’s father did provide money for food on occasions whilst working as a  gardener. Due to the restrictions in place all his work opportunity's have dried up. When the MKA staff arrived with a food parcel  Liyema’s face lit up. She was amazed to see such a big food parcel and know that this was food for her! We thank God that Liyema does not face the worry of where to find food for the next month. 

It is easy for us in the western world to feel very distant from people who live so differently to us. We become used to seeing images of children looking hungry. I have felt this distance more than ever this year simply because we have not managed to get to Africa. But the fact is whether we feel connected to people in South Africa and Uganda or not, they are facing times of increased poverty. Whilst life has been challenging in the western world, we have been supported by the government in ways this is not possible in South Africa and Uganda. There are simply too many people living in poverty. 

We do ask, if you are able, to donate this Christmas season. £25 will provide a family with basic food items which will last for one month. Thank you for all you do for the children and young people in South Africa and Uganda. On behalf of them all, we pray for the blessing of the Lord Jesus to be upon you. 

If you wish to donate we have enclosed bank details.

With love 

James, Janet and all at Metro Kids Africa

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