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Child Sponsorship

The child sponsorship is a vital part of Metro Kids Africa. The children chosen to be part of the sponsorship programme are children that are consistent, faithful attendees of Metro Kids Africa programmes. The children chosen all live in impoverished areas and extra support from a sponsor can make a huge difference in their lives. 

The sponsor is invited to become a part of the child’s life; encouraging them, believing in them, showing the child someone cares as well as listening and taking an interest in how their life is going. The sponsor can write to the child as often as they wish and the sponsored child will reply.

Metro Kids Africa will always act as the middle person in this relationship to protect the child and the sponsor from anything untoward. All communications will go through Metro Kids Africa.

There is a monthly cost for the sponsor and this donation goes to help the programmes that the child attends. The school or after-school programme provides much needed Christian based life skills teaching and guidance to help young lives develop in a positive way. The sponsored child will also receive regular home visits from a mentor and a food parcel for the whole family.

When you become a sponsor to a child you are going to make a difference in an African child's life! The children who are part of the sponsorship programme are from South Africa. Life for many children in South Africa is tough. South Africa has one of the highest gun related murder statistics of many countries. Crime, gangs, HIV, child rape and not having a father are all daily issues that children face. The innocence of childhood does not happen if you grow up in the disadvantaged areas of South Africa.

We will be starting the sponsorship programme in Uganda soon, watch this space. 

You can become a part of this sponsorship programme for only CHF 25, $25 or £25 a month by clicking the sign up button.



Volunteer from the USA

When to volunteer 

January – June

September – December

For you to benefit most from this experience it is best to come when all programmes are in operation. However, we seek to accommodate volunteers at any time of the year.


Volunteers will stay in a family home in Pinelands, a pleasant safe suburb in Cape Town where the Metro Kids Africa office is based.

How Much

Accommodation and food costs are approximately R7000 per month.

Personal entertainment costs obviously vary on what you want to do, but South Africa is a less expensive holiday destination compared to Europe or the USA.

Local Volunteering

Here at Metro Kids Africa, we work closely with volunteers. There are opportunities to work alongside children and teenagers and help make a difference in their lives. 

There are different ways of volunteering, from helping at a weekly Sidewalk after-schools site: to being part of the team at a local school; to making costumes for drama plays; to helping with administration; to blessing the work of Metro Kids Africa with a financial gift. Please consider giving a little of yourself to support the young people of your country and be part of transforming lives.


Church groups or individuals from around the world

We welcome church groups or individuals to come and visit Metro Kids Africa and see for yourself how life is lived in the townships of South Africa. We can promise you this visit will touch your heart and make a lasting impression as you see the passionate young people Metro Kids Africa works alongside. Despite the many hardships these young people have grown up with, it is inspiring to see them standing up in their own communities and challenging their peers and younger children to live a life based on Christian principles.

Opportunities to serve:

Help with the weekly programmes

Be part of a special camp

Lead training days for staff and Leaders

Be part of a special project with compassionate care

GlobalX team from NorthPoint Community Church


Flora, UK

My time working with Metro Kids in Cape Town was unforgettable. I loved being thrown in at the deep end and making home visits every day; everyone was so welcoming and so keen to show me how Metro Kids had helped their families. All of the children I met were cheeky, full of life and wanted to play with me, especially during the Sidewalk sessions I helped deliver in local schools. The staff are equally amazing. I felt at home and very safe thanks to them and we formed lasting friendships. Cape Town is also an incredible location and I only wish I’d stayed for longer so i could experience more of what it had to offer as a city. I will definitely be back!

Flora visited Metro Kids Africa from the UK

Jael, Switzerland

“My time with Metro Kids Africa changed my perspective on life completely. God lit a fire in my heart that can’t be extinguished again. If you are longing for God to light that same spark in you, I can only recommend you to take a step out of your boat, begin an adventure and trust, that Jesus will be with you.”

Read the whole story by clicking here

Jael Visited Cape Town from Switzerland

Long-term volunteers

We welcome people to come and spend three or six months or even longer at Metro Kids Africa. This is an opportunity for personal growth as you see at firsthand how others in a different culture live. You will become part of the team and join the weekly programmes.

What you will learn

  • You will develop new skills working with children.
  • You will learn how to teach Christian lessons to children whether that be in a church situation, at school or in a community.
  • You will grow in your relationship with Jesus and learn to rely on Him as you step out of your comfort zone.
  • You will see yourself being personally developed as you learn to work with people from different cultures and backgrounds.

What you will do

You will join the team in carrying out the programmes that happen each week.

Mornings are mainly office based planning for the Sidewalk after school programmes, making props and various teaching and personal growth opportunities.

Afternoons you will be out and about in the communities we work in. You will join in home visits, Sidewalk programmes, compassionate care giving, and teenage training sessions.

Kyleigh, USA

"I wouldn’t change anything about my time with Metro Kids. Truly the most life changing month of my entire life."

Read the whole story by clicking here

Kyleigh visited from the USA


No week is ever the same. At Metro Kids Africa we value whatever special skill you have and seek to utilize this. Our past volunteers have benefitted Metro Kids Africa greatly whether it be through teaching drama, art, computer skills, financial planning or graphic design; each volunteer has added something to Metro Kids Africa and been a blessing to us.


Gessica and Martino visited their sponsor child

Day visit

Africa is an amazing place to have a holiday. Whether you are in Uganda or Cape Town, South Africa we know you will have a special time. We would love you to challenge yourself and give your holiday more meaning by taking time out from the tourist attractions and see how local people live. We invite you to come along and be part of the children's programmes, home visits or visit your sponsored child. When you spend time with local children and connect to a family your heart will be touched with compassion. Spending a day with the Metro Kids Africa team would be a highlight of your holiday as you see how children and teenagers are being transformed and are impacting their own local communities with the love of Christ.


Book an event with us

Metro Kids Africa is impacting communities by "Helping Children Create a Better Future" in Africa, but we need your help to continue doing this. Help us spread the work of Metro Kids Africa by booking an event in your area. Each year James, the founding Chief Executive Officer, visits churches, special events or small groups of people to share about Metro Kids Africa. We want to bring the love of Christ to more children and would love you to help us do this. It does not matter where you live as James travels regularly, sharing about Metro Kids Africa and the impact it is having on young lives.

Please contact us to find out how you can help with an event in your area.


James speaking at an event in the USA