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Metro Report März 2021



Dear Friend,

As the world continues to feel the effects of coronavirus and we struggle with uncertainties, I wanted to share a story of courage and hope from a young lady in South Africa which I hope will encourage you.


Aya is 18 years of age and has been part of Metro Kids Africa programmes for many years. As a child she did not live close to a Sidewalk after school site and so she could not attend weekly due to the issues with gangsterism, making travelling even a few miles impossible. However, when Aya visited her grandparents she always made sure to come to the local Sidewalk programme on a Friday afternoon and Aya felt inspired by the love and warmth the leaders showed her.

Aya moved to KTC a few years ago. This is one area in which MKA runs one of its Sidewalk after school programmes. Aya soon asked Nosie, the site leader, if she could join the Leadership Development Programme (LDP) and was excited to be welcomed into the KTC team of young leaders.

Aya says “I am a great believer in Jesus and so I wanted to teach children God’s Word and instill good values and morals into them” Aya has loved being part of the LDP team where she is taught more about Jesus, spends time with fellow young Christians and loves teaching children at the site she used to attend as a child

Last year Aya had to deal with a terrible trauma. Aya has never lived with her father but had always maintained a relationship with him. Aya’s father saw great potential in Aya, with regards to

her future. Her father had ensured Aya went to a school outside her community and undertook paying all her school education with a hope she would finish school and go on to university. In 2019, Aya’s father was visiting his sister’s home when some men went into the home and demanded money and his car keys. He refused to give in to these demands and was shot in the stomach by these criminals. He was rushed to hospital, but sadly passed away soon after admission. This was yet another death in a township which has the most murders of anywhere in South Africa.

In 2020 Aya went into her final year of school determined to do well to honour her father and also her mother who has been a good support to her. Then Covid 19 hit the world, including South Africa. Aya’s mother was unable to work for part of the year due to the lockdown and the family, like many South Africans, suffered greater poverty than ever. Aya’s mother did her best to earn extra money, but at times Aya would have to ask friends and neighbours for transport money to get into school. Despite a very turbulent year which has caused immense anxiety for Aya, she persevered and was thrilled to receive her exam results recently. We can proudly share that Aya passed her exams with a Bachelor pass which means her marks allow her to study at university.

Statistics are difficult to obtain but between 37 and 48% of children who begin Grade 1 drop out of school before their final Grade 12 year. These young people leave school with no qualifications whatsoever. Of the children left who take their final exams only 36 % actually achieve a high enough pass rate which allows them to study further. We say all this to show how well Aya has done in particularly difficult circumstances. Aya still has a long journey ahead but we hope and pray that she will continue to pursue her studies and have success.

When asked what motivates her, she replied with, “I want to change the situation at home so we can live a better life. I never want to live the rest of my life having to worry about what I am going to eat or if there will be enough money for electricity in the house. I also want to fulfil my father’s wish and study further. I thank God as I know He has a plan for me and I want to trust in Him to look after all my needs.”

Aya is typical of many of our young people. She has shown perseverance in difficult circumstances and wants a better life for herself and her family. She has been encouraged by the staff and leaders at MKA who have shown her love and support and taught her more of what it means to be a Christian and follow Christ. MKA goal is “to help children create a better future” which we believe comes through a relationship with Jesus as well as

working hard to gain fulfilling employment.

Thank you to all our supporters who continue to pray, encourage and financially donate to MKA.
We love you all

Best wishes
James and Janet and all at MKA

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