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David was working at Africa with Love, a school outside Masaka, which also had a health clinic and quickly became involved with leading the children’s Bible club at the school. In 2014 he was excited to learn there were some people coming from South Africa to teach at the school on how to lead successful Christian programmes with children. As soon as James and Janet met David they realized he was the person to lead the MKA programmes at Africa with Love school. David was full of passion to learn and become more skilled at teaching curriculum with children in an effective way. By the 2nd visit from James and Janet a few months later, David had gathered 3 other churches to come for training and had these up and running successfully by the  end of the year. At the end of 2014 David asked if he could come on staff as a full time MKA programme coordinator. We felt this was a good decision as Uganda seemed to be ready for expansion and David had impressed the South African MKA board with his commitment and love for the children and MKA values.
David says “I wanted to be on staff because I felt an inner peace and joy whilst sharing with the kids the Lord Jesus Christ through the lessons. I love what I do because it helps me fulfill or carry out the great commission amongst kids and it also helps me earn a living plus look after my family” 


David continued training and assisting schools and churches with the MKA children’s lessons and by the end of 2016 there were 25 schools/churches he was working in. The growth meant 3 staff joined David. This incredible growth has continued to the present day and now David leads a team of 9 staff working in 79 schools/churches reaching nearly 21,000 children each week.  David was married to Viola in 2018 and they have been blessed with a little girl called Charis. 
David says “the best part of my job is witnessing a change spiritually in the lives of children and adults we work with”


What does Metro Kids Africa actually do in Uganda? 
76% of people live in rural areas in Uganda. Typically, children will walk for miles to get to school or they board at the schools for a term and then return home at holiday times. 
MKA predominantly works in schools as this is where the children are. Schools ask to partner with Metro Kids Africa and David and the MKA staff go to the schools and teach the curriculum. Our team also teach the teachers how to present the curriculum. The teachers have gained new positive discipline methods and new ways of communicating which have affected their teaching styles and benefitted the children. Children have said that the MKA programme is the highlight of their week and we have had children who have been off school sick come back to school early because they don’t want to miss the programme. 

MKA also owns land for farming purposes in order to generate an income for MKA in Uganda. Presently 5 acres have been planted on. William, a staff member, is responsible for the farm and has ensured the planting of eucalyptus trees. The trees are used in construction but at the moment the farm is still in its planting and growing stage. 




Uganda is certainly a wonderful place to be and the people are always warm and friendly to guests. We thank God for David and the team and pray this work will continue on and bring lasting change through a youthful generation. 

We recently heard this story:

At one of the schools MKA works in, a child was chosen to lead a prayer after a lesson. There were children, teachers and visitors from the USA present. After the child finished praying the visitors said they had never heard such a prayer from a child and they told the school Director to look for the best secondary school in Uganda so that the USA visitors could send the child there to help further her education. The USA visitors promised they would pay the fees  and all the school requirements. This young girl is currently studying at one of the best schools in Uganda with all her needs being paid for as promised. The Director told David that this sponsorship came due to the excellent standard of teaching that MKA brought to the school and the change it brought in a young girls’ life. 
Thank you to all who give to this work and to all who pray. We are part of something very special in Uganda and are thankful for all who help make this possible.

Thank you
James, Janet and all at Metro Kids Africa