Child Sponsorship

Child Sponsorship

Sponsor child excited to get a food parcel


“The most wonderful things of having a penpal is the relationship you and your friend have for each other. I liked it when we send each other letters and also we pray for each other.  My friend she really liked sending me some gifts and books from the  Bibles to read. What was nice about her was she sent me chocolates as well, it’s so good and nice having a penpal ”


Nomaphelo Manga

Child Sponsorship

The child sponsorship is a vital part of Metro Kids Africa. The children chosen to be part of the sponsorship programme are children that are consistent, faithful attendees of Metro Kids Africa programmes. The children chosen all live in impoverished areas and extra support from a sponsor can make a huge difference in their lives. 

The sponsor is invited to become a part of the child’s life; encouraging them, believing in them, showing the child someone cares as well as listening and taking an interest in how their life is going. The sponsor can write to the child as often as they wish and the sponsored child will reply.

Metro Kids Africa will always act as the middle person in this relationship to protect the child and the sponsor from anything untoward. All communications will go through Metro Kids Africa.

There is a monthly cost for the sponsor and this donation goes to help the programmes that the child attends. The school or after-school programme provides much needed Christian based life skills teaching and guidance to help young lives develop in a positive way. The sponsored child will also receive regular home visits from a mentor and a food parcel for the whole family.

When you become a sponsor to a child you are going to make a difference in an African child's life! Some children who are part of the sponsorship programme are from South Africa. Life for many children in South Africa is tough. South Africa has one of the highest gun related murder statistics of many countries. Crime, gangs, HIV, child rape and not having a father are all daily issues that children face. The innocence of childhood does not happen if you grow up in the disadvantaged areas of South Africa.

Launching Child Sponsorship in Uganda September 2021 We are now able to offer child sponsorship in Uganda. Please consider taking a child and help make a difference in a child's life. Uganda has the youngest population in the world with 46.5% under 15 years. These children need support and the encouragement of someone outside their world.

You can become a part of this sponsorship programme for only CHF 25, $25 or £25 a month by clicking the sign up button.


“The most wonderful things of having a penpal is the relationship you and your friend have for each other. I liked it when we send each other letters and also we pray for each other.  My friend she really liked sending me some gifts and books from the  Bibles to read. What was nice about her was she sent me chocolates as well, it’s so good and nice having a penpal ”


Nomaphelo Manga

Sponsorship Letter

What people say about their sponsor child


Becoming a Sponsor FAQ

What makes the Metro Kids Africa sponsorship programme unique?

Here at Metro Kids Africa we encourage a close interaction between you and your child. When you send a letter to your child we will ensure you receive a letter back. This means the more letters you send the more letters you will receive back. The sponsorship programme always aims to go beyond a yearly update and Christmas card.

Metro Kids Africa as an organization remains closely connected with your child and their family. Staff and volunteers make weekly home visits and interact with the children at the weekly programmes. The programme provides Christian based values and life skill lessons in a fun interactive way. For many children attending Metro Kids Africa is the highlight of their week.

What is the after-school programme that the children attend?

The programme is called "Sidewalk" due to the event being held outdoors. Each week in various areas of Cape Town, South Africa, a 90 minute programme is delivered by local young people to children aged 4-12 years. The children escape from their problems and sing, dance, play games and hear a Christian message with relevance to help them in their daily lives. Subjects that are taught: Jesus loves and has a plan for every life, making wise choices, self-esteem, saying no to peer pressure, being respectful to others and many more.

What can you do to make a difference to a child?

Metro Kids Africa goal is to “Help Children Create a Better Future”. South Africa has enough young people who have committed murder, are in jail, on drugs and involved in crime. It needs young people to rise up and be different in their communities. We are here to help children to decide to be different. We would love you to partner with us in achieving this.

Your commitment to becoming a sponsor will make a huge impact on your child’s life. A sponsor can provide opportunities to nurture the spiritual and physical needs of their child through a personal relationship and assist Metro Kids Africa in continuing with much needed programmes that your child will attend. Knowing someone cares about him or her can make a huge difference to a child.

On occasions the word penpal is used instead of sponsor. Why?

The children will write letters to their sponsor but will sometimes use the word penpal. This is because the Metro Kids Africa staff often use this term with the children and their families. We have found when the term sponsor is used people mistakenly think a sponsor will pay for many things eg schooling, food and housing. If we say a sponsor is a penpal, people then understand the relationship is more of a friendship which involves the exchange of letters. Gifts can be given by a sponsor but the term penpal stops this expectation. 

How does Metro Kids Africa choose the sponsored child?

We believe in the dignity of the children we work with and ask that you trust us to choose a child to suit you rather than posting photos of the children on the website. This works with the child protection policy we have and preserves their safety and dignity. Children who attend the Metro Kids Africa programmes will be invited onto the sponsorship programme with the agreement of their families. You may choose the age of the child and if you would like a boy or girl. We like to partner you with a child aged 10 and under so that you have a longer time to be a sponsor with one child.

Why does Metro Kids Africa ask for a monthly donation?

We do ask for a monthly payment of $25/£25/CHF 25. This donation makes a huge difference in a child’s life. The programmes the children attend are life changing. They are taught positive Christian based values, which encourage them to believe they are significant and valuable. Most children we work with do not have fathers. They can be passed around various family members and never feel part of a real family. The Metro Kids Africa programme is the highlight of their week and as well as bringing necessary and valuable lessons, it provides laughter and enjoyment to a child who needs to know the simple pleasures of good fun.

The child also receives a weekly home visit from Metro Kids Africa staff and volunteers. This is an incredible support for them and they get excited to see their mentor visit them each week. This is something unique to the Metro Kids Africa child sponsorship  programme. 

Of course this costs in staff salaries, a vehicle needs to be maintained to transport staff to the children’s homes and the programmes need finances to be of a high standard. We feel these children are ignored and undervalued so often that we want to provide them with a fantastic programme full of fun and worth. To do this we need finances!

Uganda is a rural country and it is normal for children to attend boarding schools since the daily walk to school can take hours. The boarding schools are often very poor as families do not have money to help pay for their child's education. Children frequently drop out of school at a young age. Part of your monthly donation will go towards your child's school fees.

This is why we do ask for a donation as this helps a child receive much needed support. The donation also provides a food parcel for the child and their family and covers all administrative costs for letters and updates.

What can a sponsor do to help their child personally?

As well as writing letters sponsors can give food parcels, birthday, Christmas gifts and a Back to School gift. The Ways to Help card, which comes with the profile pack you receive when you take a child, gives guidelines as to how much money should be given for these gifts. 

How much does it cost?

$25, £25 CHF 25 each month or $300/£300/CHF300 per year

How long can I sponsor a child?

We do ask for a commitment of at least 1 year. After this you may decide this is not for you and you would like to stop being part of the programme. This is fine. Obviously we would love you to partner with a child for longer. The child is removed from the programme after they leave school, which normally happens around the age of 18, depending when their birthday falls. If a child has had to repeat a grade they will finish school when they are older and would then stay on the programme until they complete school.

What do I do now?

If you want to sign up and make a difference in an African child’s life please sign up here.

You can ask further questions and you will be helped to decide if this is the programme for you.

Then you are asked to make a payment. We do ask for the first payment to be made before we send a child profile out to you. The reason for this is we have experienced people receiving the child profile but fail to follow up with their commitment. This causes more upset to a child who has been disappointed and let down by people all too often.

Now I am a Sponsor FAQ

What should I write in a letter?

You need to write simple letters. English is the child’s second language so they will not understand long letters. You can write about your family, what you do and your hobbies. Ask them questions about school, their favourite thing they like to do, who their friends are and about their family. One page is a good guideline for how much to write. Children love photos and postcards of your town.

How to Write a Letter  to Your Sponsored child

Every person who takes a sponsored child does so because they want to help.

They want to make a difference in a child who has been born into poverty and difficult circumstances. But its not always as easy as it sounds.

This is how it often goes……

The decision has been made, your profile pack arrives in the post with a photo, name and a little bit about your child. Now you want to reach out to your child and you feel helpless and clueless in what to do. You don’t write when you receive your profile pack and then time goes on and on and it’s now years and you have not written a letter. The guilt can be terrible, but please read below for help. 

What do you an adult say to a child?

What have you in common with a child who lives in Africa and is leading a very different life to all the children around you?

How do you show your new sponsored child that you care about them and want to make a difference in their life?

It is NEVER too late to start writing. If you are at the beginning of your friendship with your child, don’t hesitate and get started now! If you have been a sponsor for many years and you want to make more effort you can  start writing now! It’s never too late. Your child will be so happy to hear from you.

Here are some guidelines to help!

  1. Remember it’s a simple letter you need to write not a thesis!
  2. You are writing to a child whose 1st language is not English. The child is not looking for your grammar mistakes.
  3. A postcard from you with a simple “ Thinking and Praying for you” will make your child smile. The postcard will be treasured, taken to school to be shown to classmates and teacher and then kept on display in the home.
  4. A few lines is perfect. Your child will struggle to read more.
  5. Questions to ask: “ What is your favourite colour?” What do you like to do when you have free time?” “What is your favourite food?” “ Which animal do you like?”

             Questions like these start a conversation with your child in an easy way.

  1. Send a photo of you and your family.
  2. Send a photo of your town.
  3. Send a photo of a map of where your country is in relation to South Africa.
  4. Don’t ask questions which might upset the family and your child eg “I see your mother died, how did she die”
  5. Your child will love receiving a pencil, stickers or small bar of chocolate from your country.

Get going and write your letter now.  Once your letter is written you can either post it to this address. (click here) or email it to janet(at) We would recommend email as post is very slow.

When your child receives a letter from you Metro Kids Africa will always help the child respond with a letter back to you. This normally takes 1 to 6 weeks.

Once you begin corresponding with your child your friendship will deepen and you will feel more involved in the daily life of your sponsored child. You will feel connected and this will make the experience of having a sponsored child more worthwhile for you.

Can I write a letter in German?

No. We do not have German translators working full time at Metro Kids Africa so letters need to be in English. However, English is the second language for the children so it needs to be simple English. Only a few lines are needed as the children would not enjoy reading long letters in their second language.

How does a child receive letters?

You the sponsor post or email a letter to Metro Kids Africa. The email address and postal address are all in the child profile pack you receive when you sign up for the programme. Once a letter arrives in South Africa, Metro Kids Africa staff take the letter out personally to the child’s house and deliver the letter.

The child then writes a letter and gives this to the Metro Kids Africa staff after one or two weeks. The letter is then emailed to you.

There is not a suitable reliable postal service in Uganda therefore sponsors cannot post gifts or letters.

How long does post take?

Post arriving to South Africa can take 6 to 8 weeks. Post from South Africa can take 2 to 3 weeks.

There is not a suitable reliable postal service in Uganda therefore sponsors cannot post gifts or letters.

Can I email a letter?

Yes! Letters and photos can be emailed to QigjLCc2Ai8nNjAtKSsmMSMkMCshI2wtMCU@nospam

These are then printed out and delivered to the child.

Can I send gifts as well as letters?

Yes! Children love to receive a present and it doesn't have to be much. You can send pencils, stickers or a small toy. But be warned, it may be expensive to post gifts and it takes a long time.

There is not a suitable reliable postal service in Uganda therefore sponsors cannot post gifts or letters.

A better way to give a gift is to deposit an extra donation into the Metro Kids Africa account and let us know what the financial gift is for. You can add a comment next to the donation saying what you would like your sponsored child to receive or you can send an email to IkhDTEdWYk9HVlBNSUtGUUNEUEtBQwxNUEU@nospam Staff will then go and purchase your desired gift for your child on your behalf.

When your child profile pack arrives there is an information booklet for you to read. You will receive a Ways to Help card, which gives examples of how much and what to give. This is extra to your monthly donation.

When I send a letter/gift how do I know it has arrived at the Metro Kids Africa office?

When a letter/gift arrives we send you an email to let you know this.

What happens if my child moves out of the area?

It is typical of homes where there is poverty for children to move around a lot. Often they go to live with different family members, as the financial burden of a child upon a family is great. If the child is moved to an area where Metro Kids Africa has no programmes, sadly, we do have to remove the child from the programme, as we can no longer keep in contact with them. You are then given the option of a new sponsored child.

Can I visit?

Yes! We love people to visit their sponsored child. Just send an email to GXN4d3xtWXR8bWt2cnB9anh-a3B6eDd2a34@nospam with your dates and we will organize a visit. A staff member will take you to visit your child and will accompany you at all times. The areas the children live in can be dangerous if you venture there alone but our staff will always stay close by you and advise you in how to keep safe. As long as you listen and follow instructions you will have a fantastic time.

How do I make a payment? 

Please see under donate.