About Us

Africa is an amazingly beautiful continent, but it has sadly become synonymous with poverty. Africa is by far the poorest continent on the planet with many of the world's poorest countries coming from there. Poverty has huge negative effects on society. Poor education, crime, gangs, sexual assault, teenage pregnancies, HIV, alcohol and drug addiction are common where there is poverty. Children are the most affected by the issues associated with poverty. Children have no choice as to where they live or how to change the circumstances in their lives.  

Metro Kids Africa is a non-profit organization that seeks to serve children and young people from disadvantaged backgrounds, “Helping Children Create a Better Future”. Thousands of children are served weekly through, after-school and school programmes, child sponsorship, home visits, compassionate care, camps and teenage mentorship programmes. Metro Kids Africa is founded on Christian principles and believes that a relationship with Jesus Christ will bring long-lasting life change.

Metro Kids Africa is a partner organisation of Metro World Child (formerly Metro Ministries) based in New York, USA. Metro World Child was founded in 1980 and played a huge role in inspiring the Senior's. After visiting Metro World Child in New York and operating kids clubs in the UK, James and Janet believed the same programmes would help children in Cape Town and other areas of Africa.

We currently work in two countries. We started in South Africa in 2005 and Uganda in 2014. HIV, AIDS, and child-headed homes are common in both, but each country has it's own problems.

South Africa sadly has violent crime prevalent in many townships. Inequality of wealth and high levels of unemployment are major issues. Then there's poverty, alcoholism, drug addiction and the absence of a father in many children's lives. What’s more, South Africa has one of the worst rape statistics against children in the world. This is what the majority of children growing up in South Africa face.

Uganda has one of the youngest populations in the world with 48% of the population under the age of 14 years. It is a poor country and has been rated one of the most corrupt. Most people live in rural areas where they spend hours each day walking to collect water. 

James, Chief Executive Officer

James has a true father’s heart for children, teenagers and young adults. He inspires all who meet him with his gentle care toward those around him. James has a passion to reach the young people of Cape Town and beyond and travels the world sharing about the work of Metro Kids Africa and inspiring others to make a difference in their communities.

James and Janet Senior

James & Janet

Janet, Chief Operations Manager

Janet looks after the day-to-day running of operations. Her desire is to see Metro Kids Africa operate with good organisational structures in place while not forgetting the love and care that is essential to the work of Metro Kids Africa. She focus’ mainly on the child sponsorship programme, funding, special projects and overseeing the staff and volunteers.

In 2004, James and Janet Senior and their four young children left the United Kingdom for South Africa after deciding to make huge life changes and work amongst the disadvantaged children in South Africa. Having met Bill Wilson many years ago and been inspired by the work Metro World Child does, the Senior's began similar programmes in Cape Town, founding Metro Kids Africa in 2004. In 2008 Metro World Child invited Metro Kids Africa to become a partner organisation.

Metro Kids Africa seeks to form relationships with local churches and people, provide training and support and help the local community reach their own children. In this way, children have good role models within their own areas and have someone they can access easily, which helps develop healthy relationships that will produce lasting change.

Metro Kids Africa grew in Cape Town and as other communities were impacted the staff team grew to 7 staff members.

In 2014 James and Janet were invited to go and teach how to reach children using the same curriculum and programmes in Uganda. This has flourished and grown incredibly fast and is impacting the youth living in various parts of Uganda. Read the whole story.


Staff in South Africa

Metro Kids Africa team in South Africa

Staff in Uganda

Metro Kids Africa Team in Uganda

South Africa


Our Vision and Mission

James at a School in Uganda

Metro Kids Africa's vision is to see communities transformed by raising up leaders, teachers and pastors from the streets and from the poverty stricken neighbourhoods of Cape Town and beyond; empowering and developing children, one by one, that they may bring hope to the next generation, bearing fruits that will change the nation.

Metro Kids Africa is committed to serving children and young people who are born into difficult circumstances. 

Families do not want their children's lives to be damaged by the issues around them, but instead want their children to grow up in safe communities with young people becoming responsible adults. Metro Kids Africa's goal is "To Help Children Create a Better Future". Everything Metro Kids Africa does is with this in mind. All programmes and activities that Metro Kids Africa staff and volunteers engage in are aimed at enabling children and young people to have the tools to make good choices, which will help them grow into responsible adults who will be role models in their communities.  


How Do We Do This

  • We teach Christian-based life skills and values each week at programmes thousands of children attend. We conduct after-school programmes, school sessions, camps, small groups and personal mentorship programmes.
  • We establish personal relationships and mentorships through the One By One child sponsorship programme and weekly home visits.
  • We donate compassionate care food parcels, clothing and school supplies to those families who are in great need.
  • We work together with other non-profit organisations and churches for the benefit of the children and young people.